The Student Travel Centre 60-Day Plan

Travel Medical Emergency, Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

Why do I need travel insurance? Doesn't my government health insurance plan (GHIP) cover me?

GHIP will usually cover only a limited portion of any medical costs incurred outside your province or territory of residence or outside Canada. It's important to be sure you have adequate coverage.

How many days am I allowed to be out of province before my provincial health care plan expires?

If you are a Canadian resident, you are allowed to be out of province for 212 days (Ontario and Newfoundland residents), or 183 days (the rest of Canada) in any 12-month.

When do my allowable days of travel start over?

Your trip starts the day you leave your home province and ends the day you return to your home province. The maximum number of allowable days would start again with your next trip.

What if my trip coincides with the renewal of my coverage year? For example, if I go on a trip on August 15 and my new benefit year starts on September 1, will the applicable period of coverage for my travel plan start over on September 1?

No; the period of coverage of the travel plan would be in effect as of the departure date and would not start over again on the start date of the new benefit year. Any claims incurred while on such a trip would be subject to the terms and conditions of the policy that was in effect on the date of departure.

What should I do if I have a medical emergency while travelling?

If you have an emergency during your trip that requires assistance, medical treatment or hospitalization, you must contact Global Excel using the numbers on your medical assistance card.

Can I extend my coverage if I decide to travel longer?

Yes, you can extend your coverage by calling RSA at 819-562-5412 or 1-877-562-5412.

Am I covered anywhere in the world? Are there certain countries where I will not be covered?

Please consult your policy booklet for specific details concerning exclusions and limitations related to war and terrorism. Should you have questions about travel to areas where this may be a concern, please contact Global Excel.

Before I travel, do I need to advise Global Excel?

No, only advise Global Excel in case of medical emergency. However, you should be prepared to submit proof of your travel dates.

Why do I have to call every time I would like to see a doctor?

Call Global Excel and we will open a file and assist you in locating a facility or physician. We ask you to call us every time you see a doctor so we can be aware of your condition and provide you with the necessary support during this critical time.

What if it's during the middle of the night on a Sunday and I need to see a doctor?

You can call Global Excel any time. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What happens if I do not call you before I go to the doctor?

It remains your responsibility to ensure that Global Excel has been contacted prior to receiving medical treatment or as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to notify and obtain prior approval from Global Excel may limit your benefits. Please refer to your policy.

Can I have my physician or hospital direct bill with Global Excel?

Yes, you or the provider can contact Global Excel to make arrangements.

Can the pharmacy direct bill with Global Excel Management?

Unfortunately pharmacies are not set up to direct bill with Global Excel.

Do I fill out the whole claim form or just the highlighted portions?

You must fill out the entire claim form while making sure the highlighted sections are completed as well.

What is a version code?

A version code is a single or double letter code at the end of your numeric health insurance code assigned to people from Ontario. When cards are changed they keep their numeric code but the version code changes.

Why do you ask for credit card numbers, Government Health Insurance Plan numbers, and other insurance information?

If, at the time of loss, you have insurance coverage from another source, or if there is any other party responsible for benefits provided under this policy, the insurer will pay eligible expenses only in excess of those covered by that other insurer or other responsible party. This is applicable for credit cards, private or provincial auto plans or any other insurance, whether collectable or not. If, however, that other insurance is also "excess only", the insurer will coordinate payment of all eligible claims with that other insurer. All coordination follows Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. guidelines. Please refer to the following website: www.clhia.ca.

Where do I put the incident number on the claim form?

The incident number is located on the top right of the claim form. Quebec claim forms do not have an area on them for the incident number. Tip: Please write the file/incident number on each receipt.

Can I fax in my claim form?

No, we need to have your original signatures.

Do I send in a photocopy of my receipts or the originals?

Please submit your originals, but you must keep a copy for your records.

Can I fax in the receipts?

No, we need to have the original receipts.

I am back in my home province but require further treatment due to an accident which occurred while I was travelling. The treatment I need is not covered by a Government Health Insurance Plan. Can I send in my receipts to you for coverage?

No, we only cover for out-of-country expenses. Please contact Global Excel for more information.

Why are you asking my doctor to fill in a questionnaire about my medical history?

In the event of an accident, injury or sickness, your prior medical history will be reviewed in order to meet the requirements of your insurance coverage in regards to eligibility and pre-existing conditions.

I am receiving bills and/or calls from physicians and hospitals. What should I do?

We would ask you not to issue payments to the providers, but send in the bills to Global Excel immediately.

Do I have to fill out an accident report?

An accident report is required if your expenses arose due to an accident (everyone who receives a claim form also receives an accident report).