Case Study

The Student Travel Centre 60-Day Plan

Travel Medical Emergency, Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

In case you think it can't happen to you… the case study below is just an example of what can happen when you travel outside your province of residence, and why it's so important to have insurance coverage.

A group of students in a ski club planned a one-day ski trip to the United States with their coach. During the day, one of the students had a fall while skiing and sustained an injury that required a trip to the hospital, as well as an emergency room consultation and x-rays. The club's coach called Global Excel to report the incident and was directed by a customer service representative to a nearby hospital that was a contracted facility and would accept the student's insurance. This saved the student - and the coach - from having to pay out of pocket for the treatment the student received in the U.S., as the hospital sent all the bills directly to Global Excel.

The coach remarked to the customer service representative that it was incidents like this which made him so glad the students were covered by an annual insurance plan, as it took care of the cost of the visit and saved both the coach and the student unnecessary stress. The students didn't even have to worry about purchasing the insurance ahead of time - they were automatically covered for their trip outside the country.