How to Top Up

The Student Travel Centre 60-Day Plan

Travel Medical Emergency, Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

If you decide to travel outside of your province or country of residence longer than the number of days covered with your Viator Group Travel Insurance, you can purchase additional days of coverage by contacting RSA at 819-562-5412 or 1-877-562-5412.

A top up is a single trip daily plan that provides coverage for additional days of travel beyond the duration of your insurance plan, starting the day after the expiry of that plan.

  • Your additional coverage must be purchased for the entire number of remaining days of your trip.
  • Coverage may be purchased before or after the departure date and prior to the expiry date of your existing coverage.
  • You must pay the required premium prior to the effective date of the top up.

Proof of departure may be required.