How to Claim

The Student Travel Centre 60-Day Plan

Travel Medical Emergency, Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

Note: If you have a medical emergency during your travel, contact Global Excel Management Inc. before consulting with a physician or as soon as reasonably possible. Telephone numbers are 1-866-870-1898 (toll-free) or +819‑566‑1898 (collect) or can be found on the back of your Medical Assistance card.

Settling a medical emergency claim involves several steps. Global Excel is dedicated to making the process as simple and expedient as possible.

The claim settlement process involves reviewing your claim by matching benefits in the policy and then verifying and settling all costs involved. If your emergency involved simple out-patient care, Global Excel needs only your original bills and proof of travel dates. If, however, you needed non-standard testing and/or numerous follow-up visits, or if you required an in-patient hospital stay, Global Excel must track down a number of documents for review:

1. Medical records, which we request from the hospital following your discharge.
2. Medical history check, if applicable.

In order to process your claim, the following documents are required:

  • Original bills
  • Proof of the departure date(s) and return date(s) in Canada (e.g. passport stamp, gas receipts, airline tickets, letter from employer, and/or credit card statement).

Send all documents to the following address:

Global Excel Management Inc.
73 Queen Street
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
J1M 0C9

Should you have any questions in regards to your claim, please do not hesitate to contact Global Excel using the numbers on your medical assistance card.

A Global Excel service representative will be happy to assist you.